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Dave Hart
Home built bumpers

Hey gang, just wondering if anyone out there has done their own bumpers? I have a willing friend who's a metal fabricator to help, but is it worth it, time and material wise? I've found flat packed, pre cut bumpers for under $1K front and rear, so I'm leaning towards that route for now, but any input would be great!

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Shawnigan lake

Look up Karnage Fab near duncan! They will build you something sweet! =) I have built my own bumpers in the past, but this time around I'm gonna get Karnage to do em up =)

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Depends if you take pride in making your own stuff or just buying whatever. You can make a bumper for pretty cheap and plate bumpers are not hard....just cut out templates in cardboard and transfer and piece together.

i found a big bumper out in the woods a couple years ago. 200 bucks and ill tell u where its at. i guess ill go see if i can find it again. lol

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I got an ARB on the front and a custom tube on the back. The one on the back was rear-ended by a full-size and the ICBC claim amounted to new powder coating for me and about $3000 for the other guy. Came with the truck though so no idea who made it. I can post pictures if you're interested - it's pretty simple should be easy to fab.

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Sean Eagan
Prospect Lake

I am a welder fabricator myself and am in the process of making my own full bumper set. About halfway through the front, whichbos the most complex by far. Thr rock sliders/fender bars are next, then the rear. My Dakota has the full skid plate package as it is, but i will also make a 'tacoma style ' front skid plate to complete the coverage.
Im lucky cause my boss is ok with me using scrap, so tjis is essentially free for me. Raw materials arnt too pricy if you can get them through your shop. Then its just your time, anf thats not so bad!!

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Dan Campbell

I am close to ordering one of these kits and just find someone to weld it for me...https://www.movebumpers.com/buy-diy-bumper-kits.htm

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