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Camping this weekend

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4runner bumper

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Yeah when i find the right deal I will plasma cut out and plate for a winch for sure! my buddies got a spare 8274 he may part with. I like the idea of the dual fuel tanks! Checked out the thread, he must just point the nozzle into whichever tank he wants to fill eh? Yeah that makes sense.. its now on the list lol. I already have one aux light in the "bedroom" but i was thinking of switching my interior lights to LEDs. So for the eccotemp propane hot water is the best mod in my eyes 50$ score off used vic =)

10 years 11 months ago in 4runner bumper

Look up Karnage Fab near duncan! They will build you something sweet! =) I have built my own bumpers in the past, but this time around I'm gonna get Karnage to do em up =)

10 years 12 months ago in Home built bumpers

is the sammi still up for grabs?

10 years 12 months ago in Wanted: Anything that is a 4x4

Hey =) Names Riley! Stumbled upon this site... lookin good! Excited to share ideas and get out for some adventuring! Cheers

10 years 12 months ago in Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road