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Shawnigan lake
Camping this weekend

The girlfriend and I were thinking about a couple nights out in the 4Runner, wondering if any of you bros know of any good spots around near a lake or river... i was thinking of just going to hillcrest rd and finding a spot on the Chemainus river there, but any new ideas would be good! And the more the merrier always down to meet new people =)

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trevor short
nanaimo bc

Can try boomerang? Few spots, one better than rest for camping. Only downside is it may get busier during the day.

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Alberni Valley

I know a lot of river spots in the area, and some really nice lakes further out. A few of us are getting together tomorrow afternoon for a run and will be going by some good river camp spots - you should come with and scope it out for the weekend. My gf and I camp out a ton too so I'd be up for one of these weekends, though this coming weekend doesn't work for me unfortunately.

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