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morning run?

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project samurai

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new places to go?

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Pretty slick looking samurai man. Wish I had some more updated pictures of mine on the computer. What spare parts do you have for sale?

5 years 8 months ago in Lifted suzuki samurai 4x4

Wow I love how bitter people are haha.. just gotta realize that everyone has their own opinions and beliefs. What works for them and doesn't. Just cuz one guy can't stop rambling on with worthless half ass facts and can't back up what he says doesn't mean we have to read it. Sadly we all have the same thought and decide to read it and waste our time. Let the bullshit go haha. Not worth bickering and acting like a group of high school girls. We are here to build our rigs. Drive em and share.

6 years 3 months ago in tires whats all the fuss?

Nice work. Is this up around boomerang?

6 years 8 months ago in The "GREEN BASTARD" 4Runner build

Let me know when or if a run is around Nanaimo. The poor rig doesn't do much over 90..

6 years 8 months ago in October or November trail run?

Man o man. Have U wheeled with a Sammy haha? If U have U definitely wouldn't be saying what U do. A properly don't samurai will wheel circles around a properly built tracker. IV wheeled both. Samurai does have a rougher ride but way more fun and capable. But yes. All vehicles do have their issues haha. But from my experience cavs are horrible as well. But not as bad as sunfires....

7 years 3 weeks ago in Easy trails