Winter tires for road tripping across bc and Alberta

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Rob Armstrong
Winter tires for road tripping across bc and Alberta

Finally back in the fold and stoked! Recently picked up a 94 xj 5 speed 4 door 4.0 l beauty. It's got 3 inches and 31x10.5xR15 worn out mudders. Doing all the dreaded leaf and shackle bushing upgrades now. I need good highway road tripping tires for winter across bc and Alberta. Plan on getting some general grabber at2s in the spring (red letter of course cuz awesome), but need advice. Any suggestions on ice and snow on roads for the seasons' on road tripping?

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Just buy bfg ko2's or duratracs. I've had both when I lived back in snowy Ontario and they were a massive upgrade over all season tires. A dedicated snow tire might be a little bit better than a winter rated all terrain, but at least you're only buying one set of tires this way.

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