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2003 ford explorer sport trac

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going around a gate flexing a bit

2003 xploder sport trac xlt

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i used tools to remove the side skirts, my original idea was to spray all the grey to Black. but when i see her with the skirts off i liked it so i just filled in the little holes with plugs and figured it looked better/ and the clearance is way better. i probally will spray the rest of the grey black when the weather gets better :)

3 days 14 hours ago in 2003 xploder sport trac xlt

Side skirt removed

4 days 21 hours ago in 2003 xploder sport trac xlt

at least hes got a winch tho, thats man best friend when in the bush by yourself

1 week 3 days ago in Yasterdays run

snow day

1 week 5 days ago in 2003 xploder sport trac xlt

if your ever around port alberni area, gimme a week or few days heads up i can show you up our look out, which is fairly stocker friendly with some technical rocky area to crawl over in low range. im driving a sport trac 4door with a 2.5 " leaf lift in rear and 1" torsion twist up front with 255s tires and i make it up to the top no problem.

2 weeks 2 days ago in New to 4x4, but I want to learn!