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Need some advice

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Nice one, I’ll check them out!

Ya it’s a great drive. I’ll be back to conquer it. Really makes me want to get up there to see what’s in that lake now! The best fish are always hard to get to.

8 months 3 weeks ago in Need some advice

Awesome! Really solid and concise list for basic recovery gear. That’s a great starter pack. Thanks!

I’ve reached out to overland outfitters in Vancouver to get the ball rolling on a couple small things. They seem to be quite knowledgeable and do quality work. Have you or anyone else had any experience with them?

8 months 3 weeks ago in Need some advice

Good points. So in your opinion what do some “bigger things” reference to? Say I wanted to do the wheels, lift 2-4in, winch, and potentially new skids. Obviously wheels being the first step...

Also speaking of the skid plate, can anyone speak on the general quality of the stock unit on a 4Runner trd?

8 months 4 weeks ago in Need some advice

Haha absolutely!! And cheers, happy holidays to you as well.

9 months 1 day ago in Need some advice

Thanks! That’s super informative. Had a similar inclination to start with the wheels and go from there. Good to know that some of those installations aren’t as daunting as they might seem. Sounds like we want similar things out of our vehicles!

And ya that’s scary stuff. Definitely can see how conditions can change in an instant. I actually had a couple mates with me but we were solitary vehicle. I’m pretty cautious with stuff like that though.

Thanks for the sound advice!

9 months 1 day ago in Need some advice