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Jeep keeps breaking down

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New to the island.

New to the island.

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Hi there,

Thanks for the ideas. We are still having the same issues and nobody seems to have any definite idea what is causing it. I just don't want to be driving down a steep slope in low ration for the engine to give out and the steering and brakes to go. Might think about changing the PCM altogether to see if that makes a difference.

4 days 21 hours ago in Jeep keeps breaking down

Hi there,

I thought I had solved the problem by re-setting the PCM. When we did that the jeep ran for almost a month before breaking down again and it broke down twice on the same day which it never has done before. Normally its a couple of weeks before breaking down. My other half read that if you have too many key on the one bunch then the downward pressure could affect the fuel pump as it somehow switches on when you insert the key so if the keys have a downward pressure then it tells the fuel pump that you have removed the keys and switches off so I have taken all my keys as the bunch was fairly heavy and just have the one key and its been about a week since it broke down so that's as far as we have gotten.



4 days 21 hours ago in Jeep keeps breaking down

I know, it does stick out a bit. I was always loosing my old car in car parks but i have never lost the jeep. Keep an eye out for me in the hills above Lake Cowichan.

3 weeks 5 days ago in New to the island.


Jumped into the unknown today and headed up Hill 60 from near Skutz Falls. Amazing run up and spectacular views. We tried to drive round in a circle and come back a different way but the road got narrower and narrower and i wasn't brave enough to keep on going but had a ball.

3 months 2 hours ago in New to the island.


Did you go up and over the hill under the wires as it looks like a great route?

3 months 1 day ago in New to the island.