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Anyone up for a run on the long weekend? Hill 60 or maybe something else

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Looking for a reputable place for an alignment.

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Anyone up for a run on either march 14th or 15th? Hill 60, or somewhere else

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Hey Sheldon, I'm not knowledgeable on any of this, however with everything being verbal and nothing was written on the ticket, you might want to book an hour appointment with a lawyer see what your options are for the ticket. You might be able to get the ticket thrown out, or at least you know what your options are. Many lawyers do a free consultation. I'd do that before going taking it to get it inspected for something that may not need it.

Just a suggestion.

6 days 13 hours ago in Recent VI....

So far Im off all next week, I'd be up for a run

1 week 6 days ago in Weekday Explorers

I'd be up for somewhere new, but hill 60 is always fun

1 month 1 day ago in Let’s get something together May 3rd

Here's the coordinates to hill 60, https://goo.gl/maps/pmbqW1Rk3LGFu1pAA

as for stuff to bring, food and water is always goo to have, any recovery gear you might have, recovery straps, shovel, pick ax, maybe some hand tools. there should be a lot of gear among us to help each other out, I find people don't mind sharing/helping as long as people aren't mooching or not bringing some of their own gear out. More you go out you'll find out what might be useful to get.

However if you got some money to burn, getting a winch is a good thing to get.

Also if you are afraid of scratching up your paint on your Rubicon, you might not want to come out, but you'll miss out on a bunch of fun

1 month 1 day ago in Let’s get something together May 3rd

Not to hijack the thread, from what i can see those rims are dope, what make are they?

1 month 5 days ago in Social distance Hill 60 run