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New to the site and island looking to explore

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Thanks for the info. Yes! I agree, no smoking or sparks during wildfire season. I’m happy to say the only smokers of the group quit years ago. And certainly no campfire. I’m hoping to make the trip closer to early fall. Kids will be back in school and tourists will have gone home. I watch the weather up there every day and will continue to do so. Hoping the whole island gets wet before any trip for sure.

I’ve been looking at trails and have seen that many areas have one road in/out. Definitely a concern if it’s still pretty dry. Thanks for that heads up and to check in with the logging companies for closures. I’ll definitely look things up.

Our group is small and we’re used to wheeling/camping/exploring in very dry fire season. We won’t take any risks and all our food prep and so forth so all on high end camp stoves. I’m used to wheeling in California, Nevada, Oregon and Arizona as well as most areas of BC and Alberta so we highly value traveling with correct amounts of water and NO SPARKS IN THE BUSH!!! During fire season anyway. Thanks again for your response and I will hit you up if I have questions. Cheers!

1 year 6 months ago in New to the site and island looking to explore

Thanks for the advice. Watching the weather it seems like the north end of the island has been getting a little precipitation and is the reason we were looking at trails up there. We’ll definitely stay home if it’s too dry.

1 year 6 months ago in New to the site and island looking to explore