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Adventures with @f.o.realiving

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F.O.ReaLiving’s 2012 4runner limited

F.O.ReaLiving’s 2012 4runner limited

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Thanks - definitely our dream vehicle, and the best part is we can just keep making it better and better

2 weeks 4 hours ago in F.O.ReaLiving’s 2012 4runner limited

We are pretty active on our Instagram @f.o.realiving but we definitely have tons of pics and stories to share

2 weeks 21 hours ago in F.O.ReaLiving’s 2012 4runner limited

Hey everyone - first post, on any forum. So this is a little different. My name is Dustin my fiancé’s name is Tiffany and we have a little dog named Rebel. In August we made a big change in our life. Sold our house in Calgary and bought an overland trailer to tow behind our 4Runner. We both quit our jobs and we are now full time on the road. We have been on the island for about a month now touring all the old logging roads and checking out the rec sites. We went as far as Campbell River and have started to make our way closer to Victoria. I signed up on here in hopes we could attain some knowledge of the area that isn’t well discussed on the internet. Perhaps someone can help us find a spot that hits all the check marks. Our hope was to trade the cold and snowy winter for the rain and more consistent temperatures so we could continue to utilize all the features of our new home (basically use of the water all year). Now we realize snow and colder temps are possible anywhere we are hoping to find a spot where maybe the sun shines through a little more often. Once spring comes we plan on starting to drive east. We could go to the states, but I want to see as much of my home country before just taking the easy road and crossing the boarder

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