F.O.ReaLiving’s 2012 4runner limited

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F.O.ReaLiving’s 2012 4runner limited

We got our 4Runner used in 2013 it had 32000 km on it. With no real intentions for any modifications. We did a few camping trips and really opened our eyes to the possibilities of adventure.

The first mod we did was remove the third row seating and built some cargo drawers

Then all the chrome got plasti dipped and the windows blacked out

Removed the stock roof rails, stock running boards

Now was time for rims, tires, and suspension. We went with the almost 33” ko2’s on the black 17” 6 spoke ultra wheels gauntlet and the toytec boss lift - my biggest regret on the build has and always will be the toytec suspension

Made the order for full shrockworks skid protection and front bumper

Dual battery install

Some time went by and we almost lost her in a creek that had now turned into a river so diff breather and snorkel came

With a washable afe air filter

We were taking more air in with the snorkel so we added the magnaflow exhaust to make it sound a little tougher

Prinsu design 3/4 rack

Wired in our VIAIR compressor

Upgraded stereo, remote start, 8” sub under the driver seat. Dash cam front and rear

It’s now only a 3 seater as the weight of the extra seat behind the driver wasn’t needed and we needed the room for more storage

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Awesome looking Yota. Would be cool to see more pictures of your rigs and adventures!

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We are pretty active on our Instagram @f.o.realiving but we definitely have tons of pics and stories to share

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Love those 4 runners. Nice rig!

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Thanks - definitely our dream vehicle, and the best part is we can just keep making it better and better

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