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VHF radio

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Stump Runner: a 4Runner build

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Oliphant lake.

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Online source for 4x4 parts in Canada

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WTB: Toyota bush bumper

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Hey Andrew, I have a set of 33" tires for cheap if you're interested, for a 16" rim. Mickey Thomson baja MTZ, 1 has low tread and other 3 are OK, hence being cheap. Let me know if youre interested!

9 months 4 weeks ago in Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road

Yea the knuckles can bend on these runners, I'm always paranoid about it happening on a trail!
Check if this guy has a whole knuckle with ball joints, could be an easy swap to fix. Good luck!

1 year 2 months ago in Snow but no truck - Argg!

Whats going on with that wheel??? holy broken.

1 year 2 months ago in Snow but no truck - Argg!

I ended up going VHF since they are so cheap and versatile. Where did you find the logging and forestry frequency channels? I also programmed FRS frequencies so I can chat to friends with cheap handheld radios, very handy.

1 year 3 months ago in VHF radio

I paid I think 100$ including shipping, I bought it off a member of a different forum. You could try ordering it through west shore spring and 4x4 in Langford, might save some shipping $$

1 year 7 months ago in Stump Runner: a 4Runner build