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Campbell River Areas

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Hi Guys, New to the Group, Looking to come over to VI and explore some of the offroading there July 18-25th ish if anyone wants to join, we've explored the LowerMainland quite a bit. Looking for some cool spots to camp and swim. 89 Taco Pickup on 33s, Custom box built last year to do some serious camping. Very capable crawler. Don't have the dual case in quite yet, lockers in the front, winch. So far the site has been awesome for intel. Thanks in advance!

3 years 1 month ago in Welcome to Vancouver Island Off Road

Looks wicked!!

3 years 1 month ago in Nitnat Caves (Looper Creek Canyon)

New to the site, going to explore the Jordan River Area in a couple weeks. Can you get to West Leech Falls from Bear Creek? Or is there a closed gate at the west side of Bear Creek Res?

3 years 1 month ago in Jordon River to Bear Creek Reservoir