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anything friendly for 2WD truck?

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saw a post on the facebook page about some guys heading out today around 10? is this going to be a crazy run or something i could tag along?!

9 years 2 months ago in anything friendly for 2WD truck?

thanks for the reply shane. i can't head out that way today because of prior obligations, but would love to head out with a group sometime soon. even if that means i leave my truck in a parking lot and hitch a ride/chip in some gas money. hopefully sometime this fall i will pick up a toy that i can bring on the trails. i'm an apprentice mechanic out here in vic and my daily is pretty boring lol.

could i do all of hillcrest with my truck or would i be limited to the lower sections? i went out to burnt bridge a couple weeks ago and the renfrew road was gated, and everything else was either way to crazy for me or closed off.

9 years 3 months ago in anything friendly for 2WD truck?