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Super Swamper Boggers

Super Swamper Boggers

Author: pattersonja
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sold !

1 year 1 month ago in Super Swamper Boggers

sorry forgot the price earlier I'll go $550 for members from here

1 year 3 months ago in Super Swamper Boggers

Hey there,
I’ve used Seawings a bunch of times. I believe they run a 5 ton truck from their address In Blaine the office beside the Vic Airport. Just follow their instructions with invoices on the outside of the box etc. Customs at the airport is usually quick they are used to dealing with folks sent there from the Seaswings.

Good luck been awesome for me over the years.

1 year 9 months ago in SEAWINGS

Good to know the road is open again, I was out that way a couple months ago and the road was closed around the Deer Bay turn off, looked like a heli logging show going on. Super Cool Spot!

2 years 3 weeks ago in Has anyone been to virgin falls lately??