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Hey just wondering if anyone has used seawings when ordering parts outta the states. It was recommended to me from some fellow classic truck guys. Basically whatever company you order from ships to their location in Washington and they fly it to the vic airport. Extemely cheap especially if the company you buy from.offers free shipping to the US.

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Good idea. I’ve heard of lots of car guys renting PO Boxes just across the border, but that gets expensive if you live on the island (and covid means crossing the border is basically impossible). Getting it flown in would be awesome! If you try it, let us know how it works.

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James Patterson

Hey there,
I’ve used Seawings a bunch of times. I believe they run a 5 ton truck from their address In Blaine the office beside the Vic Airport. Just follow their instructions with invoices on the outside of the box etc. Customs at the airport is usually quick they are used to dealing with folks sent there from the Seaswings.

Good luck been awesome for me over the years.

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Alberni Valley

Yea I've used them many times for as far back as I can remember and they've always had good service. Often times the best way to get large stuff like bumpers etc from the states which would otherwise cost a fortune to ship direct.

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