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Recent VI....

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Jk Windshield

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LED interior bulbs

LED interior bulbs

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4" jeep jku lift springs and 2.5" front coil spacers

4" jeep jku lift springs for sale

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Hey Shane, I'm still waiting for my bumper ends to arrive and my windsheild to get swapped out before I take it to a recommended shop. I'm still trying to find a set of stock wheels to use for the inspection so i don't have to redo my flares. Do you have your stock wheels still??? $$?

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I have not taken it to an inspector yet but the officer who wrote me the VI did not write any specifics on the ticket. But verbally he told me:

*axels are not original to a wrangler because my jeep sits wider(I have offset wheels with spacers and 37x12.5 tires)

*my windsheild is cracked(technically not in my line of site but I will get it replaced anyways)

*my front bumper does not cover the whole width of the vehicle(smittybilt MOD bumper)I understand that one, will order the extention pieces for this particular bumper.

*And he said the rear bumper is also not a factory wrangler bumper and looks modified( smittybilt atlas bumper.)

He never said anything about tire poke but my front tires do stick out a couple inches in the front.

*He also said my exhaust was louder than a stock wrangler (magnaflow offroad catback that dumps before the axel)

*He also mentioned that my signal lights should be on the widest part of the vehicle (not sure about this one because the wrangler off the lot doesn't even comply with this on the rear)

My plan is
- remove the 52" lightbar.
- remove the stinger and order/ install the end pieces for the front bumper.
- change the wheels to stock ones
- replace windshield
- not sure what to do about exhaust yet. It's not really loud unless you are really on the gas.
- rear bumper I think should be fine
- i will also put on the front and rear custom mudflaps.
- I'm also not sure about TPMS if you need the sensors or not.

No offence to the officer who gave me the ticket hea just doing his job and im not looking to completely cheat the system. Just hoping to get my ride up to spec and not get hassled again.

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Princess has this cb right now 50 bucks

1 month 2 days ago in Trail radio setups?

I'm in, see ya at 10am! If anyone wants to convoy out from vic we can meet at the shell near the harley dealership around 8:30am

1 month 3 days ago in Let’s get something together May 3rd

My camping gear never leaves my jeep so I'm down!

1 month 3 days ago in Long weekend Camping anyone?