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once I get my lift done, i'm gonna try and come out. take pics, really wanna see what your rig is like in action, looks great.

4 months 3 weeks ago in Hill 60 to Mt Prevost.

Absolutely. One part of bugaboo is steep then immediately flattens. U might scrape something. If not u could try going further up gordon to McClure main and crossing there.

4 months 3 weeks ago in Any one know the route from Bamfield to Port Renfrew?

nice. did you get turned around at the old machinery blocking the way and have to take the long way round? or did you go in from the north side? Last time i was out there, i passed a VW golf with a Budget sticker on the back.....

4 months 4 weeks ago in Weekday trips

i always come in from renfrew... dont even know where they would gate it... never seen one that i can remember.

5 months 7 hours ago in Carmanah walbran still open

u got a build thread somewhere for that thing? what a beast.

5 months 1 day ago in Tugwell Lake, anyone been to it lately? Can wheelers still get there?