My Xj Was Stolen

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My Xj Was Stolen

My Cherokee was stolen on Glen Lake Road.

Blue 3inch lift Black Pro Comp Steel Rims chrome lugs..
Was just installing new fenders.
Rear fender trim is Black. No trim on front fender.
Back bumper corners were removed.
Powertrax sticker on back of jeep.
He will probably be selling my parts off it.
Look out for a Zone Lift 3"
Magnaflo exhaust system
Rubicon adjustable track bar.
Zone Links
Rugged Ridge Header
Header Kit, Steel, Black, 4.0L; 91-98 Jeep Models XJ/ZJ/YJ/TJ
BFGOODRICH All-Terrain T/A KO2 109S RWL C 31x10.50R15
PowerTrax 1250 Lock Right Locker for 91-96 Jeep Cherokee XJ
Rugged Ridge 12920.25 Black All Terrain Front Floor Liner for 1984­2001 Jeep Cherokee XJ ­ Pair
If you see a someone on your street with new parts on his cherokee..

If sighted please contact me or the RCMP
For someone to just walk up to my house and take what I worked so hard for makes me sick. I'm not a wealthy guy..
What kind of person is this??
I really want to find him to set my mind at ease...
Please help.

Please share this info.

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will keep an eye out. sorry bud. :(

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That sucks man, I live in the area so I will keep my eyes peeled as well.
May I suggest you also post it on the 4WDABC Vancouver Island page.

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Thanks :)

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