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WTB: 6x5.5 (6x139.7) 15" wheels. 32-33" tires

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off-roading banned in parts of B.C.

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BLR fab in victoria. small shop, run by really good dudes.

21 hours 56 min ago in Good Fab Shops


1 month 2 weeks ago in Wheeling vids

I'm self taught. its a longer process on your own, i'd say just feel confident in changing your spare tire on your vehicle, start with logging roads, and get comfortable. If you're a good driver, you'll be good on a 4x4, in my opinion. step it up as you come across stuff you wanna try. always be prepared to get towed. I'd say its not a matter of if, but when.

or go to a meetup, like lauchlin said. guaranteed to learn faster watching other people, and following their lines.

Youtube videos too. learn a lot of what /not/ to do by watching fails.

1 month 2 weeks ago in Is there somewhere on the Island to learn about 4x4 driving? Is that a dumb question?

once I get my lift done, i'm gonna try and come out. take pics, really wanna see what your rig is like in action, looks great.

1 month 3 weeks ago in Hill 60 to Mt Prevost.

Absolutely. One part of bugaboo is steep then immediately flattens. U might scrape something. If not u could try going further up gordon to McClure main and crossing there.

1 month 4 weeks ago in Any one know the route from Bamfield to Port Renfrew?