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south island trails

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looking for rims for my 09 chevy 2500hd (8x6.5)

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Yeah but if you go in the other way, through west shawnigan down renfrew road you can either go through burnt bridge or down kapoor main and they both take you to the same spot. It's gated as well but if uou take a right just before the gate where there is sometimes a guy sitting you can go through a side trail , through a massive cross ditch.

6 years 11 months ago in south island trails

Yeah for sure. Up through burnt bridge/kapoor main there are a ton of trails. All the way through renny

6 years 11 months ago in south island trails

Up behind serious coffee mill bay. First left then a right onto a dirt road. Yes this road is gated as well. But there are 2 trails off to the left hand side that take you right in. Follow the trail all the way till you hit pavement. Turn right at the pavement then your first left . Then an immediate right. Good run around yhr lake starts at the next left after that!

6 years 11 months ago in south island trails

Just a little update on oliphant, made er all the way in and around the lake in my fullsize 1500. No problems whatsoever, would like to make another trip soon!

7 years 1 month ago in south island trails

sick idea for a contest, and a beauty prize! when does the contest close? just waitin to get my rig back on the mountain!

7 years 3 months ago in 2015 Scenic Photo Contest