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Mount Bolduc Ventura Crash Site

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2 hours? ish

Langford to Honeymoon Bay is about 1 hour.
20 minutes to the turn off from Gordon Main
1/2 hour - 45 minutes for the climb up Mount Bolduc forest service road, depending on how fast you like to go.

1 year 7 months ago in Mount Bolduc Ventura Crash Site

I had to leave my vehicle there for the weekend and didn't have transportation back to Victoria, so Brad's wife let me use her Jeep. Free advertising for Brad, I drove it all over the place down here with Island Armor all over it.

The rails are bolted into nutserts in existing holes in the sheet metal rockers (holes were for clips for the plastic rocker covers that the car came with). I know it sounds sketchy but that's actually how the Mopar sliders are bolted on and they're pretty solid. There's holes in the vertical side of the steel rockers and in the underside (10 bolts on each side and 6 underneath each rocker). The hole thing is braced back against the pinch seam but not attached because the pinch seam was only 3/4" high and a 1/2" hole wouldn't have left much metal above or below. (1/8"), less if the holes weren't perfectly centred, plus the skid plates were in the way behind the pinch seam. Rocky Road Outfitters in Utah has a similar setup but they require the pinch seam to be drilled. I got the dimensions from various people who bought those and made up a drawing and we (meaning Brad) modified it from there. Its not a very modifiable vehicle, but once all the plastic is off there's a few possibilities. Next up is a bash plate for the bumper and preskid so I can tackle those stupid ditches people keep cutting across the logging roads :) like so....

1 year 12 months ago in SLIIIDEERRSS

I don't think there's any secret about contact, These are from Island Armor in Saltair.

As for clearance, I've got none to lose. These are the same level as the pinch seam under the door, but unlike the Rocky Road Outfitters ones (who's design I stole), these dont require drilling through the seam....which is a I've heard.

Next up...lifting the unliftable jeep :)

1 year 12 months ago in SLIIIDEERRSS

Got mine, Got a really cool loaner as well while Brad installed my sliders

2 years 3 days ago in SLIIIDEERRSS

haha...I just realized you were replying to my post.

I didn't walk, I rode my motorbike. Gate was open at River Road

turned around at the halfway point. ran out of time.

2 years 2 months ago in Sherk lake