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Fred schnipper
Victoria bc
CB radio

im looking at getting a radio so I can have a heads up from logging trucks or just all around good use for on the trials.. what are you guys using and where is a good place to get the gear?

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Alberni Valley

Very few people use CB anymore, logging trucks and most other people are on VHF now for the most part. To use proper VHF however you need to be licensed. That said, I've found the easiest method of communication on the trail is actually FRS (Family Radio Service). You can buy FRS radios without a license at pretty much any electronics store. It won't give you access to logging trucks but it will allow you to chat with other FRS/UHF users while doing group runs.

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Duncan bc

For any one wanting the course basic ham radio certificate http://www.cvars.com/training.html then you can use island repeaters vhf and uhf

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