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New Member and New to BC/Vancouver Island

Just moved to Nanaimo from the big city of Toronto and absolutely love it here! SO much to do and see that you don't get in that city life. I love the outdoors here, no shortage of fun things to do whether it's on foot or in a soon-to-purchase 4x4.

I likely will buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee (slight affinity to them, first car was a '96 Grand Cherokee). Open to suggestions on vehicles, just looking to keep it very cheap for now. In time I will slowly build up my rig. If anyone has any recommendations for 4x4 shops here that would be great too. I'm by no means handy, just love to drive. Happy to learn too though.

I'm hoping to make that purchase in the near future and would be interested in riding some mild/every day trails if anyone is interested. Not at the winching and rock crawling stages but I'm sure there are some good logging roads and sights to see. Seems like there are some good posts here that recommend up Port Alberni way, and down around Port Renfrew. Would be happy to hear more or tag along when I get my ride. If anyone has any starter must haves out here that I should bring along, let me know too.

Thanks everyone, look forward to chatting more about off-roading here on Vancouver Island.


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Welcome. I moved here about 3 years ago from Mississauga. Best decision I ever made.

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