Snow is starting to accumulate

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Snow is starting to accumulate

Today I headed out to Jordan river. At Loss Creek went through the gate drove up Loss Creek Valley to K100. Drove up to the top of K100 where it joined Jordan main at km24. Snow is up at the 1000m level now but will surely be getting to lower elevations in the coming days and weeks. This pic is was this afternoon. Went back to to Jordan River via Jordan main and North Main out to the highway 14 at China Beach Campground. On the way up came to a locked gate. Tried to go around it but the bank started giving way and was in a pretty precarious position. Good thing there was a gate there I winched my self sideways back onto solid ground.

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sunday at boulder lk..............saw about 2ft on alligator main,3k took 3 hrs

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Glenn Bint

Awesome....will be getting out to the woods sometime during my Xmas holidays...

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