What Price is Right? Jeep TJ.

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Mill Bay
What Price is Right? Jeep TJ.

Good day,

I opted to post this message in the ‘general forum’ as I’m not quite ready to sell my Jeep. If the moderators believe it should be posted elsewhere, feel free to move this post! Reason being is because I’m not sure what a reasonable price would be and thereby hope you could perhaps help me determine one.

What it is:
Year: 2001
Model: TJ Sport (Stock)
Odo: 195.000 km
Engine: 4L

This machine has been sitting for the past two years as I’ve been studying out of town. I have since bought a commuter vehicle. Jeeps are a blast, just not for commuting! This Jeep has therefore seen no use since two years; I might as well make someone else happy with it. Here’s where I need help.

- The Jeep is mechanically sound for as far as I know.
- Has seen mudding in the past. (No bogs, just the puddles that make a Jeep look better).
- During heat core replacement, and therefore removal of steering wheel, I thought it was fun to freely spin the steering wheel around. Bad idea … …
- Airbag light on; high beam randomly flickers at times; one headlight brighter than other; horn doesn’t work. I assume this could be due to ripped wires during the ‘steering wheel spinning’ incident as these errors were present afterwards.
- Oil pressure reads ‘0’. Most likely the sensor.
- Hard top leaks – spotty surface rust on floor.
- One of the front speakers doesn’t work. (Issue could be a wire or the speaker itself).
- Whistle noise when engine is not quite at temperature. Most likely intake manifold.

So as you can see, I wouldn’t call this Jeep ‘road worthy’ necessarily but it’s also not a dud. I feel they’re relatively easy to fix but I therefore would like to sell to someone who is willing and capable in giving this Jeep some TLC.

Cosmetically there are some rock chips and the passenger front vender is bent around the indicator light. This was literally a fender bender against a wall, no mechanical damage.
Included is a soft top and some goodies if you like: Aftermarket holy shit handles and hitch/bike rack.

Now, this doesn’t sound like a great advertisement! But that is not the purpose. I feel this Jeep is ready to be taken up by someone who’s wanting to tinker with it and making this Jeep great again. So, I’d like to know what you (in the shoes of a potential buyer) would want to know more and perhaps what you would feel is a reasonable price to pay for.

Thank in advance!


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Adam Soloway
North Nanaimo

I may be interested in it if you do end up wanting to sell it

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This is not meant to offend, but sounds like a $1800-$2200 project.

Good luck with the sale.

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Mill Bay

@ Adam.624
Will keep you in the loop!

@ Beer-n-Meat
No offense taken haha. With a $1800 to $2200 project, do you think that's how much it will be to fix or how much this Jeep is worth roughly?

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Simply going off your description, That's what I would offer without seeing it.

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Just keep in mind most of us here don't pay for shit. We do our own work and keep the budget as small as possible.
Offers you'll get here will be a significant amount less than you'd get from an average joe.
Having said that $1800-$2200 sounds fair.

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