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Mount DeCosmos

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YJ vs TJ

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2 Jeep YJs for sale

2 Jeep YJs for sale

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Doumont gate

Doumont gate

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Wolf Mountain

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I may be interested in it if you do end up wanting to sell it

2 years 7 months ago in What Price is Right? Jeep TJ.

Has anyone been back there recently? The entrance that the route appears to have taken has a gate had a no trespassing sign claiming video surveillance, I tried to come in on AW21 and TF22C but both had bridges that were out.

2 years 10 months ago in 2nd Annual Modified Run Branch 22 Sproat Lake Ridge

I dont know Parksville very well but I know Nanaimo's north end and Nanaimo Lakes/river quite well, I could show you around if you wanted to drive down.

2 years 10 months ago in Looking for trails around Parksville area (Nanaimo, Comox, Port Alberni)

One of the best upgrades you can do is a winch, even just a cheap one will get you out of trouble so you dont have to call for help. Quite useful for a longish wheelbase and especially if you have open diffs

2 years 11 months ago in New guy, with his son (updated)

Would you be willing to share any further details?

3 years 1 week ago in Ladysmith