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Just bought this a couple weeks ago. She was sitting for almost a year so I've just put new battery, exhaust, re-wired all the lights and replaced them. Now just to replace all the leaking seals and fine tune the moody Weber carb. A GM alternator is next on the list as well as new springs all around.....the list is never ending.

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Haha indeed the list never ends, welcome to the forum! Looks like a sweet ride, youll be able to fit in alot of tight spots haha, what year is it?

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Oh just doesn't stop!! First things first though, the Weber on it is causing me nothing but grief on and off road. Looks like I'm going to do a 1.6 swap sooner than planned. Ss my.dail.driver so Im.going to have to have everything ready to go over a weekend (hopefully). It's an 87. It's had some work done to the body but still looks pretty clean. Either way, i love it!

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Yes, it's a nice TT. Did you find it locally? Someone has done some nice work to it. Has all of the body rust been removed?
I bought a rusty TT locally. If I knew how much work it is to repair rusty metal, I would have just spent the $$ and got a good TT from the USA somewhere and paid the freight to get it to me.

How do you like the cooper discoverer tires in the snow?

Yes, I've heard that the webber carbs don't work so well. There is always the Myside carb option.........spendy, but supposed to work well on the 1.3 but if you have the 1.6 conversion parts already on hand........

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Tony Lane
Vancouver, Canada

Booger looks great. Nice rig!

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