Cruickshank Main?

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Sean Eagan
Prospect Lake
Cruickshank Main?

Has anyone ventured out to the Cruickshank Canyon area? West of Comox lake. The mapbook has ot marked as a motorized trail area, which always peaks my interest, but it also states that the road is impassable, which also makes me want to go suss it out. It shows a gate on the road before you get too far in...but who really knows for sure?!

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Alberni Valley

We don't seem to have too many north islanders here yet, much beyond Nanaimo. That surprises me though as every time I drive up anywhere past Port Alberni I just think there must be some killer wheeling in those bigger mountains.

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tayler anderson
port alberni, courtney

Great area too check out, always a wheelin trail just gotta find it. But beautiful hikes and views on cruickshank.
The gate at comox lake is the only thing stopping you. It's open to public every weekend Friday till Sunday 8pm.

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yea theres some cool stuff past nanaimo, buddy of mine and I did a little trip around horne lake area, pretty cool!

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Barry Campbell
Comox Valley

I heard the gates were permanently closed in the valley? I love wheeling up there, but I heard it's all closed up from timberwest? I'm looking to go wheeling this summer and I want to be sure there's spots before I head out.

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