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Alex Wolfe
Victoria South
Port Renfrew to Port Alberni

Hi there, I am new to the forum.

I am hoping to get some insight on the logging roads from Port Renfrew to Port Alberni via backroads.
I'm wanting to do a 2 night trip with a couple of buddies all of which who have capable vehicles. I would even consider north of the island.

I am just hoping to find some suggestions for routes, Maybe some secret spots !



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Hey Papa,

The route itself is pretty straight forward, even Google Maps can route it: https://goo.gl/maps/mSYdJfT4NX8ZaNG17

Another option is going Port Renfrew to Bamfield to Port Alberni, which would be a great drive: https://goo.gl/maps/sv2AD3HcKDVeETgk8

Along the way there are a ton of logging roads and forest roads to explore. I'd start with these routes, and pick up a Backroads Map Book to find the hidden treasures along the way. Some spots to check out if you're in the Renfrew area would be Avatar Grove and Big Lonely Doug.

Have fun!

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Beware of active logging on bugaboo, walbran main, McClure main, caycuse, flora lake main, and more.

Watch for logging vehicles around corners, and be expected to wait in some spots.

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