Visiting from Yakima WA

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Robert Tree
Yakima, WA
Visiting from Yakima WA

Coming to the Island for 3 days of adventuring. Where should we go? We want to ride fun rodes, nice hikes, and maybe some sweet beaches. Where should we go?

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Duncan bc

were on island are you

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If pavement travel is what you're after.......Tofino. Great beaches, good eats, funky town. Popular spot for tourists and Islanders alike. Don't expect to be alone tho.......

Lots of day hikes / drives right from Victoria if you want the city life too....all within a couple of hours from the city center.

Want a slower pace? Fewer peeps? .......try one of the Gulf Islands........pick one..... Lots to do / explore on them too. Well worth a day.

You can get lost [ on purpose ] in the back 40 and travel the back roads for days, camp, etc, if that's your thing. Solitude is there and not difficult to find / get to.

Or, just come over and start driving.......3 days ain't long....just long enough to give you a taste of Van Island.

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