Cherokee - upgrades, fixes and gas mileage

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Cherokee - upgrades, fixes and gas mileage

Hi all,
I recently bought a 1986 Cherokee with 136000 k on it with the 4 cylinder 2.5 litre engine as part learning to mechanic, and as a second vehicle. It was in okay shape and I have been slowly fixing it up. So far i've fixed up some minor parts like the back door struts, the suspension and have had the steering pump fixed. The gas mileage has been pretty rough (it has 235/75 R15 tires on it). I am driving from Victoria to Sidney for work a lot and have been trying to increase my fuel efficiency. What do you think would be the next thing for me to work on? I have a list I am working down and am wondering what my priorities should be? So far I am thinking new plugs and wires, tuneup, alignment, smaller tires, etc.

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North Cowichan

You should buy a Honda civic for your commute and put some bigger tires on the cherokee!

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You might improve the gas milage a bit by doing a tune up. Thats your best bet but that old beast will never be good on gas.

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