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Jku lift kits

There's so many out there.... what ones are good? Just want a smaller one say 2.5 to 4inch at most all I need, it's also my daily driver. Any input would be great

Also it's a 2015 jku

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lake cowichan

I would definitely recommend the AEV kits they come complete everything you need and they give it a better than Factory ride once they are installed peden RV in Sidney is a great place to get them as well as lots of information.

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John Dow

If you're looking for suspension lift kits, you might want to look at Teraflex, OME, and BDS

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I'm running an OME suspension in my 2nd Gen Tracker and the improvement in ride quality and overall suspension performance over stock was very noticeable. Their springs added just over an inch of lift on their own but I also used coil spacers to get just over 2". If you are just going to jack up an existing suspension then just make sure to get a complete kit that is designed specifically for your Jeep. I have seen a lot of lifts that are missing parts that would be needed to get the full benefit of the lift. Some people just a get a lift for show but if you want better performance you need to consider everything that is affected when you lift a vehicle's suspension.

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steve schultz

bds and zone are junk. not worth the small amount of money.

aev is really expensive but as said, for a daily driver its amazing.

i have zone springs, bilstein 5100 shocks and it works very very well. that being said i could care less how it works on the street for my 8 minute commute lol.

ome is a good choice, rockcrawler is nice as well.

peden RV on the island is where i would go.

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