Recovery Winch

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Tony Lane
Vancouver, Canada
Recovery Winch

I am looking for a winch for my 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sahara. What do you guys think of Warn Winch? Or should I go for a Smittybilt instead?

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Nothing matches the strength, durability and line speed of a Warn.

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Duncan bc

I use a Smittybilt there much cheaper than a warn but a warn is a better winch ....My 8000 lb Smittybilt has never give me any problem i pull it apart every year clean it up its only got to drag my tracker out of what ever mess i get in so its never got to work to hard and yes there slow's picture

Peter Kuhr
Port Alberni

Have looked at Superwinch at all? I was a warn guy for over 20 years. But for the price it blows me away that the only winch I have had to repair is a warn. I've had a couple Smittybuilts as well, but the only winch I have never had an issue with is my Superwinch. In Europe they're really big, bigger than a warn. And one of the cheapest entery level winches. If you require speed or are doing recovery more than 5 times a month, get a higher end smitty or a Superwinch. Paying for a warn doesn't guarantee that it will work. Regardless of what you buy most people fail to maintain and service their winch.

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