VHF/UHF/CB Radio Recommendations

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VHF/UHF/CB Radio Recommendations

I want to install a radio and I'm not sure what I should go with... Definitely want something with some good range, hopefully not too expensive (preferably under 300)

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if range is what your after, you probably wanna stick with VHF/UHF,
I only just picked up a cb radio and haven't even installed yet but from what I've gathered cb's are pretty much only useful for talking to people in you group in fairly close proximity

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I would suggest looking up your local amateur radio club and getting a license, they can provide alot of training and education on radio and the legality that follows with it, not only that once you have a license it can really open up your options on what you can do with such radios.
CB radio isnt bad, its just that no one realy uses it much anymore, most people have made the switch to vhf/uhf. In saying that if everyone was using CB in your group you would have no problem. All CB radios put out 4 watts, which is acctually allot more than most of the walkie talkie radios you would but from most big box stores, they only put out .5 of a watt.
Chinese vhf/uhf radios have flooded the marked at can be purchesed all over the internet. Most of these radios are decent and can get you up to 100 watts of power and can be bought by anyone. The issue lies in having the education on knowing how to use these radios properly and not cause harm on frequency, to either emergency services or other law abiding radio users. Technically speaking you can listen all you want, but need a licence to transmit out side of the family radio service with any wattage above .5 watts. In saying that not many people are out there trying to hunt down radio outlaws, just a matter of knowing what channels to stay on and being respectful of anyone you may come across.
I have a ton of info on this subject if you want to know anything else.

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I have cb a few free

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