Hunting AND NOT GOING THREW Timberwest lands

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Hunting AND NOT GOING THREW Timberwest lands

south island -Jordan river east 10 and east 11-- NOT indicated as timberwest land--- The gate was closed but I found it was not locked it was a stick being used to secure it -A joke I thought 20 years its been open.went in and found it all all marked for road and brush work( it seems soon to be harvested my gues ????)next stop not timberwest is china beach but you must be a member of Victoria motorcycle club to use this area -SO I think the next non timberwest spot is behind Sombro point is there a gate there now can someone tell me ? west41 and west 50 are timberwest lands

timberwest will not allow ATVs on there land or no club insurance or registration dose not matter either
I am a member of Victoria fish and game and know about the lock the times and rules to get into timberwest land and behind to crown land. I do not like there rules paperwork or times of access. Hunters get to a tree stand well before a half hour before sun up

anyone have any other spots I can use without going threw Cowichan or Renfrew - for hunting that is-

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That was painful to read.

Your grammar and spelling is worse than a Syrian refugee

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Duncan bc

I see no need for this kind of comments .

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thanks for posting Dennis

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