Stock Trail Runs?

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Stock Trail Runs?

Well, my search for a bush buggy fell through or failed in the last few months... So I've resorted to wanting to taking my stock 2013 Ford Escape out, especially with this nice weather. I still have my aggressive Ontario winters on and wouldn't mind some suggestions or to organize something with those just looking to ride some casual trails?

I took a drive down Mt. Sicker Rd. but then it kind of turned into someone's farm, so I didn't push too far. Also, I really don't know the lay of the land. So if you're like me, throw some suggestions down or lets find a way to go for a ride. The search continues for a trail rider though.

Also, located in Nanaimo if that helps anyone. Happy to travel if there's something good out there.


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Hey pm me if you would like the trail

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