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1980 toyota p/u 4x4 wheeler / 1990 toyota p/u 4x4 with '04 3.4L / 1978 gmc 3/4t 4x4

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The Green Bastard

The Green Bastard

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A cool vid of the boys wheelin at frogstompers

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I have the brake parts now. I just need to press the wheel suds out to get the new rotors on. Theyre in there good. Dont have a press so i gotta take them to the shop this week when i pick up my tie rod from being straightened

8 months 1 week ago in The Green Bastard

Ooooooooo i like these. 4.10's?

8 months 1 week ago in 1986 gmc 1 ton axles

Finally got the broken stud out and all the new diff stud eliminator bolts in. To get the old stud out i tried 3 easy outs which i managed not to snap off in the hole. But rather twisted them. Then i drilled and tapped it out but the first tap must have been defective cause it shattered in the hole (it was properly lubricated) and took the better part of 4 hours to get out. Finally theyre in but the allen key to turn them in was difficult and ended up taking about 15-20 min per stud

8 months 4 weeks ago in The Green Bastard

I'll get westshore to streighten my tie rod and i have to finish the floor where i cut it out for the tcases

9 months 6 days ago in The Green Bastard

Ripped apart the front end to extract the broken diff studs the to put the t.g. diff stud eliminator kit. Going to put ifs rotors and calipers on to finish off the front end.

9 months 6 days ago in The Green Bastard