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Saturday June 15th

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Yeah, it goes on when I hit the trail and comes off when I'm airing back up the tires. They are rated to go up to 80 mph but I dont want to risk losing any of the smaller ones on the highway.

1 day 7 hours ago in Saturday June 15th

Had a good time up on Hill 60 with Lancer101. I put together a quick edit of some video I took with my new camera. Here is the link if you're interested. https://youtu.be/8dy1fvVp-1M

1 day 19 hours ago in Saturday June 15th

Thanks for the heads up.

2 days 23 hours ago in Saturday June 15th

I like to get an early start. Probably be leaving Victoria by 8am at the latest

4 days 5 hours ago in Saturday June 15th

I have the smittybilt mag armour. It does a great job with all the narrow trails and saves your paint from the alder and smaller brush. The smaller pieces that are supposed to cover the rocker panel don't get great adhesion and will fall off. I just leave them off. The main down side is they can wreck your paint if there is any dirt on the jeep before you put them on. And if you leave them on for a long time your paint can be discoloured.

There is also a company in Langford called trailscales. They make the same product, but in a vinyl style application that is more permanent. They have some options for printed patterns as well, though I prefer black.

5 days 5 hours ago in Armor