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Dave Kachman
Stock 4x4 recommendations

I’m totally new to the 4x4 world and wanted to reach out to this community for some advice.

I am looking for a stock 4x4 vehicle that would allow me to get further on fire road trails in the backcountry. I’m an avid backcountry hiker, mountain biker, and snowboarder, so I wanted my new vehicle to be large enough to be able to bring some friends with me (plus gear).

This would still be my only vehicle (I live in downtown Vancouver), so I would still be using it for quick trips to get groceries or other chores around the city, some small city trips for work to head to client’s offices for work, to head out on the highway to meet up with friends in and around Vancouver. as well as using it to get up to Cypress/Whistler/Interior/Island to explore, camp, hike, snowboard, and bike.

I’m also looking to get the vehicle that's as reliable as possible. I’ve been so impressed to hear some of the milages this community has quoted with their 4x4s!

I don’t think I’ll be able to afford the types of customizations that are talked about quite a bit on the forum, nor would I have the space/tools around my apartment to be able to work on anything, so I’d like to stay as close to stock as possible.

I’m interested in what you would recommend for a stock 4x4 given the types of usage I’ve mentioned.

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If we're talking $15k+ trucks I'd suggest a 2010 or newer Frontier Pro-4x. Nissan had the worst of the issues worked out by late 2009. They have the largest stock tires of all the midsize trucks, room for even bigger tires, decent gearing to turn said tires, not much hanging below the frame rails, good traction control system, locking rear differential, decent Bilstein shocks and skid plates, beefy roof rack and bed rail system. They are comfortable trucks with a ton of nice features, great for long trips and such. The 4.0L V6 is responsive and powerful but fairly thirsty.

I've had my 2010 for five years now and wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Much happier with it than the 2006 Tacoma it replaced. Same things apply to the Xterra if it's an SUV you're looking for.

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llew hamdi

I'm far from an expert on this, but that said I think that a few people seem to go for Cherokees or grand Cherokees. I was looking at buying one last summer and noticed that they often show up on used Victoria at reasonable prices, though with a lot of mileage. Maybe some forum members who own these vehicles could chime in regarding reliability.

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Alberni Valley

4Runner with a factory rear locker - extremely capable and extremely reliable. Big enough for all your gear and will get you anywhere you need to go. I've had a number of 4Runners over the years and have never been let down.

My second choice would be a Jeep JK/JL only because they're probably slightly more capable off road out of the box, but you sacrifice some reliability. Either option would be great for your needs though, and both have great aftermarket support if/when you do decide to do some upgrades.

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Dave Kachman

Thanks for your advice, I'll be definitely looking into that one.

May I ask, what has contributed to your happiness with the Frontier Pro-4x over the Tacoma?

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Dave Kachman

Thanks! I'll definitely be checking into a 4Runner as well. Anything to be aware of when shopping around for one based on your experience?

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I'd buy a 4runner like Shane's if I were in the market for a new vehicle. The only thing that would draw me to a Tacoma would be the availability of a manual transmission.

I'm hoping my little ford ranger lasts another 10 years though. It's not fancy but it's reliable, tough and cheap to repair.

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I love my jeep jk, hasn't let me down yet, I would definietly recommend one. Just do your homework over which model would work for you And your interest either the sport, Sahara or Rubicon but this also depends on budget. There are a ton of jeep wranglers on the island so lots to view.

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