Diversion & Bear Creek Reservoir Access

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Diversion & Bear Creek Reservoir Access

Anyone have any recent info on access to Diversion or Bear Creek Reservoirs or anything else to do in that area? I'm planning on doing some exploring out that way on Saturday, hoping to find some snow and some views. If Forebay is out we might try Tanksy and North Main up to Kludahk.

Here's my collection of notes on the topic if anyone else is interested:


2014 - 2WD accessible via Forebay
2016 - Feb - Forebay dug up, inaccessible
2016 - Mar - Tugwell lake accessible via Boyd's Pit in a stock truck "with a good line". East main blocked by landslide. Bear Creek Res accessible via Shawnigan & Renfrew Rd, also accessible from Boyd's pit if you don't mind major pinstripes.
2017 - May - Diversion & Bear Creek accessible via Forebay with some light washouts
2019 - Jul - Rumours that butler is accessible via Anderson. Kapoor always gated.
2020 - Jan - Lots of comments on Facebook about there being trails off Forebay, implying it's not gated. Could still be dug up further along though. Facebook is where comments go to die so I have no idea if there's better info on there.

Mosaic Access: Kapoor, Renfrew, Butler, Muir, and Anderson gates are all locked

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So did you make it up ? I know anderson is open..

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Yes, made it up. Road is in great shape up to Diversion with the exception of a small washout. We carried on the Bear Creek Reservoir and the road was a bit rough but easily passable in a 2WD vehicle. There was a couple inches of wet snow but there's probably a lot more now. Muir main was gated, didn't check Tugwell/Anderson. Mosaic Access said it was closed but from the public tracks on Gaia it looks like there's a very popular bypass. Could be quad access only though, hard to tell from the satellite photos.

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Thanks for centralizing the information, looks like an awesome place with some great views. Would be cool to check that out in the summer.

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