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Jeff nyman
Trail recommendation

Hi All! Just joined this group and am really looking forward to exploring some of the islands offroad trails. i just bought a 2017 Ford Raptor so it should be capable of some decent trails. Any recommendations for a newbie? I am not looking for really tight trails because god forbid I scratch the shit outta my truck, lol! But not really interested in just logging roads either. Thanks for any suggetions!

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If you can afford a 2017 raptor I would suggest buying a $3000 bush rig to play with on the trails. You will certainly scratch that thing up on anything other than main logging roads.

I have a narrow little ford ranger and its scratched to shit and I barely take it on real 4x4 trails

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I agree with Jonathan, buy yourself a bush rig. I took my daily out and it's still got it's pinstriping. I bought a cheap rig and it's been worth every penny. You can find lots of cheap builds online.

If you want to run some logging roads though, I suggest the Hill 60 area. Or, just take some logging roads and explore. See how far you get.

Also recommend buying a backroads mapbook!

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Brent Briscoe

Nice truck.If you have a set of good mud tires on that it is very capable.It has a great suspension set up and power.I have seen a few offroad in mclean creek west of Calgary and they did quite well.Jeremy Clarkson test drove one on the show top gear ,well worth the watch as he drives the shit outa it. As for buying a $3000 rig well you would not catch me doing that unless you plan on leaving it there cause there is a good chance that is what will happen lol.

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