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Gordon bay area of lake cowichan

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ive seen lots of trails around horne lake caves rd. you can get to all kinds of views and even through to port alberni through there. its just across the highway from qualicum. theres a "backroads mapbook" available from almost any gas station that will show lots of neat things in the area too, aswell as most of the logging roads. i followed mine to a plane crash last camp trip :)

3 years 4 months ago in Looking for moderate trails near Qualicum Beach

nice, good ideas guys, thanks!
winch - check
gps - check
tow straps, shackles, snatchblock, highlift jack, shovel, tire inflator, etc - check

3 years 6 months ago in Gordon bay area of lake cowichan

the end of weigles rd nanaimo, go up the road past the wastelands dirtbike park

3 years 6 months ago in Anyone know if the gate at doumont in Nanaimo is open?

i went there a few months back and there was a way around the gate. i have recently heard that they made it impassable by way of digging trenches and adding more boulders and destroying the go around. i have also heard of video surveillance and security handing out tickets/threats of impounding. besides all that, people have told me that "all the good trails" were ruined in the past couple of years. i dont know any of this first hand though.

edit: i also have heard that the reason it smells so bad in there is that they were experimenting with re-purposing waste from sewage treatment plants to "fertilize" the reforestation.... essentially spraying shit all over the forest (gross) there was a sign up that was explaining it last time i was in there

3 years 6 months ago in Anyone know if the gate at doumont in Nanaimo is open?

not sure how the prices compare... but id check with "nanaimo sheet metal" as they may have the hookup?

3 years 10 months ago in DOM