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Steve Brice
New to the forum

Hey everyone, new to the forum and wanted to say hi.

I picked up my FJ a few years ago, adding mods as I go. Most recent being a RAM mounted Samsung Tab A to run the Gaia GPS.

I tend to do more solo overlanding style family trips at the moment, being a father of 3 girls. But that doesn't mean I'm afraid of a few dents or scratches 😉.

We frequented the Port Alberni area before the twins were born, but have been staying a little closer with our travels lately, exploring the Port Renfrew area a bit more.


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Rob Purcell

Welcome Steve and family hope to meet you on a trail run

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Welcome Steve, great group on the boards. Will be cool to see what the FJ can handle out here.

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Alberni Valley

Welcome to the site Steve!

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Hi Steve! I love me an FJ.

Port Renfrew is great, I was there yesterday and got to explore a few forest roads, but I really need to take a weekend to see what’s available. Maybe we should plan a group trip out there.

Hope to wheel with you sometime soon!

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Adrian Jay
Victoria, BC

Welcome Steve! I agree with Alex above. I like FJCruisers and a run in that area would be awesome! I am fairly new in Victoria and my family and I love heading out that way and I have been chomping at the bit to explore Sooke, Jordan River, and Port Renfrew!
So much to see here!

We’ll see you out there!


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Steve Brice

I love the drive out there, the 4 year old, not so much.. I honestly haven't done much exploring out there other than hitting up Gordon River. Looks like a lot of good trails out that way though. I'd be down for some exploring one of these days!

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Steve Brice

I honestly hated the FJ when they first came out, but they've grown on me over the years. I'm seeing more of them around lately too. We just got back from Port Alberni area last week. It would be fun to do some more exploring when I don't have a fully packed rig! Just have to clear it with the Mrs.

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so much to see but a lot gated. Lots of big trees thou!! So awesome and Welcome!

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