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South Island
GPS recommendations

Hey what is everyone using for GPS tracking in your off road ride? Apps on your phone or a different device?

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I use an app called avenza on android. The app is free but you have to pay like $25 for the backroads map pack. It's well worth it because it will track you offline, and you can drop pins where cool shit is.

I don't use this for trails though, I use it to find camp spots and other cool stuff.

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I use on my iPhone. It’s totally free, and pretty good for backroad maps, but not always accurate or up to date. But you can download the maps for offline use, so it does the trick!

I also have the Backroads mapbook, which is excellent, but it’s a book so the GPS signal is a little weak :)

Gaia is also a popular phone app, but I haven’t figured out how to use it properly yet.

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I use Canada Topo Maps. You dont need to pay to download any maps and you can save your route.The free version works great, but you can only save I think 3 routes. and it's something like 17$ to upgrade to pro, which allows you to save unlimited routes.

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North Saanich

Gaia maps have been perfect for me. Very up to date. They have found me a way around quite a few gates so far 👍

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+1 for Gaia. The tracking feature is very helpful too.

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